Apple MacBook Flexgate Repair Macbook Backlight Repair

Apple MacBook flexgate repair / backlight costs $350-$600, depending on your MacBook model. We provide professional MacBook display repair services at affordable prices. This is a very cost effective solution rather than replace the entire display which can cost over $700 and $1000 on 15" Models . 

What is the Flex Gate Issue 

Apple has determined that a very small percentage of 13-inch MacBook Pro displays may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:

  • Display backlight continuously or intermittently shows vertical bright areas along the entire bottom of the screen
  • Display backlight stops working completely

Here is more information on problem  ...   Courtesy ifixit

The Touch Bar generation of MacBook Pro always had its quirks, but the thin-at-all-cost design may finally be proving more trouble than it was ever worth. The latest issue to crop up—dubbed “flexgate” by one of our users, Alex—reveals that the compact design for the display’s flex cables is prone to fatigue and failure, leading to a host of display problems that can’t be easily (or cheaply) fixed.