Apple Macbook Logic Board Repair & Windows Laptop Logic Board Repair

Were you told by Apple or other brand that the entire logic board needed to be replaced loosing your data and costing well over $800 and up to thousands depending on the model. 
We can repair all logic board issues for apple Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini and other brands.
Is your computer running slow , Not Turning on, USB port not charging, Wifi is not working, Liquid Damage, High Humidly Environment, Excess Fan Noise, Over Heating, Freezing, Spinning Wheel or Poor System performance..  These are all systems of Logic Board issues.

How does logic board repair work ? 

Our technicians go through each component depending on the problem of your computer and then replace that part .. . 

This avoids expensive repairs by replacing the entire logic board, in some case where logic board repair is not possible due to dead CPU we can provide entire logic board replacement. 

Repairing your Macbook logic board or other brand model logic is very cost effective, Instead of replacing the entire computer.

Repair is essential on some models of computers where the data can only be accessed by repairing the computer.. This is the case where the SSD is soldered onto the logic board and the on way in most cases to recover the data is get the computer working again temporarily or permanently. 

We have over 20 years in computer experience ,we carefully assess your Logic board problem and ensure it ends up in the hands of some the best technicians and micro soldering experts in Australia on hand to ensure we fix what others can't. 

We can even offer a two day repair time service for high priority urgent requests as a premium service.  


How do our microsoldering experts work ?  See an example here 
Courtesy iFixit Microsoldering 101: Water Damage and Corrosion


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