Apple MacBook Trackpad Apple Touchpad Replacement

We can replace your broken trackpad - touchpad, we service all makes and models including all colours Silver , Space Grey , Pink and more ...

Our repair service is much more cost effective than replacing the entire top case of your computer that apple will normally quote $500 plus which is a very expensive repair. 

We will remove the battery in some cases to access the trackpad touchpad if required to save you valuable money

How do i know if my track pad / touchpad is no longer working. 

- It moves around but you can't click on anything.

- Your keyboard has stopped working due to the trackpad fault.

- Its very difficult to move around the trackpad is moving everywhere

- The trackpad has a mind of it's own and it's moving everywhere.

- Its chipped or smashed , scratched causing irregular behaviour.  

Courtesy iFixit  How To: Replace a Trackpad on a Retina MacBook!


Repair work 

Touch Pad & Battery Replacement