Where possible we will attempt to perform a remote support booking, we will ask all of our customers to avoid booking any on-site services if they belong to any of the high-risk groups. if an onsite service call is required we ask clients to review the following information. 

Please Note As per our COVID Safe Plan

Clients are required to social distance 1.5m, wear a mask (a mask can be provided if the client doesn't have one) disinfect the work areas and sanitise hands.

Please avoid any physical greetings such as shaking hands with any of our technicians during an on-site service.

If clients are self isolating or have any flu like systems then bookings must not take place to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Please contact us and cancel your scheduled on-site service in case you and/or a household member has recently travelled, in the last 14 days.

Please contact us and cancel your scheduled on-site service if you and/or a household member has been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case or are diagnosed with COVID-19.

Please prepare any passwords that our technicians might need during the visit and prepare your computer by turning it on as you expect the arrival of our technicians. This will help them to finish their job faster and easier.

Please note that we have stopped accepting cash as a prevention method against the new COVID-19.  We accept contactless payment or Direct Deposit.